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The older and more reserved brother of the two, he always tried to let Nicolas be whom he wanted to be, but sometimes had to put him in his place. Andrew was the family guinea pig, which taught him many things; for example, eccentricity doesn’t always win you the argument but preparation always helps.

Andrew is a Media Designer based in New York City. He lives with his amazing fiancée but you can consistently find him in the DC area to hang and be close to his wonderful family.


Check out his adventures here:


Nic is the younger much more stylish Brother living in Boulder, Colorado. Growing up, Nic always looked up to Andrew as a mentor and friend but now he’s looking down at him… because he is taller. Nic loves competing with Andrew in most anything and will win 75% of those competitions. Nic is a lover of camping, hiking and the mountains. His background is in advertising but who knows where his new move is. Hopefully this podcast thing pans out. 


Nic is too passionate about VCU basketball, the Washington Racists (sorry Redskins - HTTR) and the Washington Nationals. At age 15, Nic asked his dad for a Wii for Christmas but got a food processor instead.

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